Misplaced Glasses

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for most of my life. Astigmatism and near sightedness dictate corrective lenses. Been wearing them for so long I don’t seem to be me without them…. This one day I misplaced my glasses. Then I remembered I had left them in their case in my desk at school. Mom scolded me for being so careless. Well I was in a real fix that evening. Mom wouldn’t allow me to watch TV or do my homework. She didn’t want me to get eye strain. I worried all night what my teacher would say when I couldn’t turn in my homework. Mom wrote a note for the teacher but I still felt stupid and embarrassed. I never forgot my glasses again. And soon began wearing them all day, except of course in the bathtub or to bed. About a year later Dr. Olmstead discovered I had lazy eye. She prescribed a patch. I had to wear a black patch over the lens for my good eye to force the lazy eye to work. I hated that patch. Made me feel so ugly. Too bad I couldn’t misplace my glasses then.