Beat it four eyes.

I was one of those kids who memorized eye charts in school, in fear of needing glasses. I managed to escape a visit to the optometrist all throughout high school but all of that ended in college. In college, I was found out. It was a fall afternoon at basketball practice and the team was practicing seconds on the clock and we’re down by three points plays. Every play the clock was reset to 30 seconds and one by one, we went through each scenario. Each player went over where to be on offense. If we scored, how we needed to quickly get in position for a full court press. As I looked or squinted at the scoreboard play after play, my coach noticed something. She blew the whistle and stopped practice, told everyone to take 10 and get water. Then turned to me and casually said, “If you wear glasses how come you are not wearing them on the court?” Huh? Me? Well uh I don’t wear glasses. “What? Dog gone it. I can’t believe this. Next time you come to practice you better tell me you made an appointment for contact lenses! I can’t have my point guard out there not able to see the board. Now get some water, take a short break….go on. (Laughing) Beat it four eyes.”