Delight in Destruction

I have two older brothers with perfect eyesight who found delight in destruction. A pair of glasses rarely lasted six months. Even so, I remember one pair of glasses especially well. The frames were tortoiseshell-colored. And they saved my life…. We all had our pellet guns with us, so we decided to play ‘war.’.… We took our positions in the meadow in front of my house and started shooting each other with glee. But four or five rounds into it, I was shot in the eye. The right lens of my glasses popped out with a big chunk chipped out of it. It scared me bad enough that I never touched a gun again until I was an adult. And we never played that game again. I told my mom that my oldest brother broke my glasses, and he vociferously denied it. But then, he always did, even when he was to blame. The next day, we were off to get another pair. And I got the day off from school.