Glasses are like Alcohol

Wearing glasses is like alcohol. There are different varieties that are all conveniently placed in an aisle – some looking pretty, some dull, some exotic – they’re all there, waiting to be purchased….You begin to know what you what, choosing the drinks that makes you feel good about yourself. Then, there are the days where you absolutely find some drinks distasteful. The ones you know you never want to touch again, or for a few days at least. At times, your stomach begins to hurt, making you want to stop and take a break. It doesn’t last because you end up forcing yourself, grudgingly. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in second grade. Now, I’m in my twenties. I’ve been wearing glasses for nearly two-thirds of my life. Wearing them hasn’t always been fun – sometimes despising them – but now, I can’t live without my glasses. I’ve found the one drink for me after so many years of taste-testing.