Lifelong glasses, no interest in surgery

I don’t really love my glasses… but I don’t hate them either. I have been wearing glasses since age five (I’m told) so I don’t have any memories of not wearing glasses. They can be a pain in the butt, so if I didn’t need them I would not wear them. Some of the many things that are annoying are: – 3D movies with glasses over glasses – sunglasses (lack of) – motorcycling with yet ANOTHER layer to pick up raindrops – rain – fog when it’s cold and you come inside – exercise when you get sweaty and they want to fall off your face – dirty glasses – headphones that push the arms into your head – headaches from tight glasses And yet… they are part of me. One of the wonderful things is getting a new prescription after a few years. I remember once when I did this and trees went from being green blobs to having individual leaves (it had been a while). I don’t know if I would qualify for surgery because I’ve never looked into it. I know others have had good experiences but I don’t want to lose night vision which I currently have and since glasses have been with me as long as I’ve lived… I can’t really imagine life without them.