True Anecdote

My true anecdote is this. During the day, I went to the store and bought several items. Included with them was a small square barcode with an adhesive backing on it, and somehow this got left on the dining room table. That evening I was at my friend Tom’s house. When I needed to clean off my glasses, Tom gave me a little package no bigger than a postage stamp, which contained a moist towelette. He said I should use that to clean my glasses. Of course I would do no such thing because then how would you dry the lenses, and wouldn’t it be easier just to run water on them and wipe them off with a handkerchief? So, when I got home that night, I just left this towelette item on the dining room table. Later that evening, my wife Carol was cleaning off the dining room table when she found something. I was in the next room, but close enough to hear her. She said, “What is this?” I said, “Tom gave that to me to clean my glasses with.” She said, “You wouldn’t clean your glasses with this, certainly?” I said, “Of course not. Tom has no concept of how to clean glasses.” Carol looked at the tiny square barcode and wondered, if you did use it, how would you get all that sticky adhesive off your glasses? When I came into the dining room and she showed me the barcode, we both cracked up.