Validating Myself

It was after I told my mother that I couldn’t see the chalk board and had to sit directly in front of the board to see that my mom took me to get an eye exam. My diagnosis was I was near sided, with a stigmatism in my right eye. I remember looking around the eye store to pick out the pair of eyeglasses that would be my first. I finally settled on a pair of pink and gold round metal eyeglasses, I was nine years old. By the time I started high school my mother convinced me that I should start wearing contacts, she wanted me to show off my pretty Hazel green eyes and have a more attractive look. In her own little way she was telling me I was less attractive with eyeglasses and because I was entering into the teen dating world I wanted to look as attractive as possible and so I did as I was told and ditched the glasses for clear prescription contacts. Needless to say people did notice my eyes more with contacts, but the cons of contacts out weighed my eye color vanity. Contacts were always irritating my eyes, sometimes they’d shift and move up If I scratched my eye and that was a really uncomfortable feeling. My eyes felt dry, and many of times I’d forget to take them out and sleep in them which wasn’t good. I went a good ten years wearing contacts and then one day at age 25 I decided I was going to go back to eyeglasses. Eyeglasses were always good to me, I never thought I looked less attractive, and I absolutely always enjoyed wearing glasses. Sure there were annoying things about glasses like in the winter time my lens would fog up after entering a building out from the cold. Or every time it rains my glasses catch the raindrops, or the annoying dumb things that people say like “can I try on your glasses”, followed by “WOW you really can’t see.” But beyond all of that I’d rather have foggy glasses than irritated, itchy red dry eyes, or a contact scratching my eyeball. Glasses are just the way to be for me. And to me glasses can be attractive, sexy, and pretty. And as for showing off my Eyes in my eyeglasses that’s what anti glare is for. Problem solved!! I love my glasses, I’ll be a Eyeglasses wearer for life.