Shady Times at Walmart

The second I stepped off the plane back into the Albuquerque summer sunlight, my eyes about jumped out of my head in protest. A year …

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Perhaps the enclosed comic can be incorporated.

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Why I Prefer Glasses (To Contacts)

Why I Prefer Glasses (To Contacts) Spencer Di Scala (For the Glasser project) Throughout my life, I have preferred eyeglasses to contacts. I was not …

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It was a lot of fun to have read the various stories that have been shared here regarding our love/hate relationship with our eyeglasses. Each …

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I ave had a life long fascination with optical devices and used corrective eye glasses or contact lenses my entire life.. Recently, I was asked …

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Lost at Sea

About ten years ago I joined my husband on a trip to the Greek Island of Rhodes where he was participating in a scientific convention. …

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David King Dunaway

David is an oral historian and a biographer in print, radio, and podcast. Among other projects, for the last thirty years he has documented the work of Pete Seeger, resulting in How Can I Keep From Singing? The Ballad of Pete Seeger, published by McGraw Hill in 1981 and revised, updated, and republished by Villard/Ballantine, 2008.