I Love My Glasses

Glasses, Bullying, and Seeing Things Clearly Pt. II

At home, I ran through the house to stand on the back porch looking north at the Ball Brothers factory, hundreds of feet away. I …

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Glasses, Bullying, and Seeing Things Clearly Pt. I

In January 1961, my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Singer, recognized that I needed glasses from watching me squinting constantly. She sent a note home, but my …

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Unable to See Clearly Pt. II

I didn’t get to use this technique until I was 25. I was working on my doctorate, and I was teaching part-time at a community …

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Unable to See Clearly Pt. I

I didn’t start wearing glasses until I was a junior in college. I probably needed them for a year before that, but I always made …

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True Anecdote

My true anecdote is this. During the day, I went to the store and bought several items. Included with them was a small square barcode …

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Aim for the Pocket

Writing without my glasses I can see the blue lines, the white spaces, but the words are blurred, though my pen knows these familiar tracks …

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David King Dunaway

David is an oral historian and a biographer in print, radio, and podcast. Among other projects, for the last thirty years he has documented the work of Pete Seeger, resulting in How Can I Keep From Singing? The Ballad of Pete Seeger, published by McGraw Hill in 1981 and revised, updated, and republished by Villard/Ballantine, 2008.